Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspired by these Crafty Cat Beds

Today I’m featuring my favorite cat beds. Someday our furry friends may have a lovely place to sleep. In the meantime, we dream of such comfort!

Katzenhoehle – Cat Caves
These incredible pieces of functional art are called Katzenhoehle, or cat caves. Each is handmade of felted wool by German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate. There are several styles and sizes to choose from. They look so delicate and yet they are washable.

Available via on the German version of Etsy, DaWanda.

Vintage Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed

Perfect for your jet setting cat - retro and stylish, take a look at these cat beds upcycled from vintage suitcases. Sold by Etsy seller Vintage Renaissance. Check your local thrift store for some luggage longing for a new purpose in life!

Adapted Duktig doll bed

IKEA Hack: Doll Bed to Cat Bed

Here’s a new one from IKEA Hacker. It’s an adaptation of the Duktig doll bed for use as a sturdy cat bed, designed especially for a slightly hefty tabby named Titina. Titina’s mom Paola bought two Hedda Rak cushion covers and sewed them to make removable, washable covers for the existing doll bedding that comes with the Duktig. And there you have it! A less expensive alternative to the somewhat pricey Bastis Krona cat bed from IKEA.

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